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Host your Sermons at ShareTheMessage.com
You may host your sermons at ShareTheMessage.com. You may already have a web site, but you may not have the necessary space or requirements to host streaming media. Your encoded files will be stored at ShareTheMessage.com on a streaming media server. You will be provided a customizable web page that you may link to from anywhere on the web. You may also link directly to the files from an existing web site that your ministry may have.

If you encode your own sermons, you may upload them to the ShareTheMessage.com server via FTP, to be hosted from ShareTheMessage.com.

If you allow ShareTheMessage.com to encode your sermons, your sermons will automatically be loaded onto ShareTheMessage.com and we will host your sermons for 2 months at no additional cost. If you would like to continue hosting the sermons, you will charged a monthly fee based on the amount of disk spaced required by the encoded files.

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