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Sermon Tape Conversion
  • The first time you use the service, you need to sign up your ministry. You will select a User ID and enter basic information about your ministry along with contact information for notification and billing. This information will be password secured for future access.

  • Each time you want to send me a sermon for conversion, you will log in and enter information for the sermon you are about to send for conversion. After the information is loaded, you will be presented with a page that you should print so that you can send it in the mail with your audio tape. Please get permission from your pastor or speaker before sending your tape to be published to the Internet. You may send more than one sermon message at a time, but you must enter an information page for each sermon message submitted. Please make sure that your tapes are marked in an obvious manner to avoid any confusion. If you have more than one message on a tape, please be sure to mark each side appropriately.

  • Mail your audio tape with the printed sermon information from the previous step to:
    Stephen Daniels
    711 Forest Hills Trace
    Alabaster, AL 35007
  • The tape will be converted to RealMedia or MP3 format (depending on what you selected) and the resulting file will be made available at the ShareTheMessage.com web site. Your conversion should be complete within a couple of days after receipt your tape. You will be notified by email that the file is ready for your review. The email will include instructions on how to listen to the file, how to download the file to your computer, how to link to the file on ShareTheMessage.com from your existing web site, and how to access the file from the custom page included with file storage on ShareTheMessage.com.

  • Once you are satisfied with the result, you will be billed for the service. If you are not completely satisfied with the result, you will not have to pay.

  • You may then download the file to your computer so that you can put it on your existing server or you can choose to leave it on ShareTheMessage.com and access it directly. You can choose to access it from ShareTheMessage.com with a link on your existing web site, or by using the custom page included, if you store your files at ShareTheMessage.com. Instructions for each of these actions will be included in the notification email you receive once the conversion is complete.

  • Two (2) months of sermon hosting are included with the tape conversion service. Additional sermon hosting is available for $1.00 / Month / 5MB.

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