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ShareTheMessage.com is here to help Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide Christian Churches and Ministries the tools to expand their ministries through the Internet. Please visit our Services Page to learn more about the Services provided by ShareTheMessage.com!

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Share Your Church's Ministry with the World through the Internet!

You can share your church's ministry with the world through the Internet. Your church may already have a tape ministry. Let ShareTheMessage.com convert those tapes to electronic format for presentation on the Internet. You can then host these audio or video messages on your existing web site, or if you don't currently have a web site or don't have the space for these files, host them at ShareTheMessage.com where anyone can access them though a custom web page for your church's audio or video sermon collection. Now anyone with an Internet connection can listen to your church sermons. This service will provide easy access to missed sermons for your congregation and will allow you to help spread the Gospel to the world.

The process is simple. You send in your previously recorded audio or video tape and it will be converted to RealAudio, RealVideo, or MP3 format. Once converted to the electronic format, It will be uploaded to the ShareTheMessage.com server, where you can review it. After that, you can choose to move the file to your existing server, or leave it at ShareTheMessage.com. If you choose to leave it at ShareTheMessage.com, you can link to it from your existing web site, or use the customized web page (included with file storage) to access your sermon files.

Click here to find out how ShareTheMessage.com can assist your Christian Church or Ministry in Sharing the Message of the Gospel through the Internet!

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